‘This Sachin’ advises Arjun Tendulkar

Arjun Tendulkar, the son of India’s master-blaster, who as a member of the Under-19 India team reached Sri Lanka this morning has been advised to work twice hard.

This advice has come from none other than one of the twin sons of Sri Lanka’s Under-19 batting coach Hashan Tilakratne.

Interestingly, Hashan Tilakratne and his wife (Apasiri) named their both sons-Ravindu Sachin and Dubindu Sachin after Sachin Tendulkar.

Speaking exclusively over telephone from England, where he is playing now, Duvindu Sachin said, “one piece of advice I would like to give him out of my own personal experience is, People will always have so many negative things to say, specially when you’re the son of a former Cricketer. They will always be under the impression that everything is much more easier for you. However I know for a fact that being who you are, you need to work twice as hard to that of an ordinary kid”.

“There’s no doubt about how hard you have worked to earn your spot in the Indian under 19 squad. Enjoy every moment of it and I hope that this is just the beginning”.

“It would have been great to see him in action but currently I am playing league cricket in UK to get some experience playing overseas and won’t be down to Sri Lanka till September”, Duvindu, older by a minute to Ravindu, added.

“I would like to congratulate him on his achievement. Its truly amazing and He should be proud of himself. It’s never easy to cope up with the pressure and expectations of being a son of a sporting star”.

“As a son of an international cricketer myself and having played for Sri Lanka under 19s alongside my twin brother Ravindu, it’s great  to see Arjun following in his fathers footsteps”, he signed off.


Courtesy : Observed.com

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